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TechRacer is a style where players play a simple time-trial race on difficult predefined maps.


Use your hedgehogs to reach all waypoints faster than all other teams.


First make sure the map type is set to “Randomly generated”. Then select a map by clicking on the map preview. A random map from a small set of pre-designed map will appear. If you are happy with the selection, add the teams and start. If you are not happy, click again until a good map appears.


Each team will control its hedgehogs for some rounds (3 rounds by default) and attempts to hit all waypoints as fast as possible. The order of the waypoints does not matter. The race begins as soon as the ready timer is up. Note: Players who use up their turn time (90 seconds) or kill or hurt their hedgehog lose the round and will have a pentalty time of 100 seconds recorded.

After each turn, the best times are recorded and shown in the mission panel.

When all rounds have been played, the game ends and the team with the lowest round time in this match wins.

Weapons and utilities

Your hedgehogs will come across many crates which help you to complete the race. You can use weapons and utilities without ending your turn.

The flying saucer has been modified for this style, it never runs out of fuel.

Mines and air mines explode instantly in TechRacer.


The maps are mostly made out of girders and rubber bands.

There are three kinds of girders:

  • Gray girders behave like ordinary girders and can be destroyed
  • Red girders can not be destroyed
  • Blue girders are slippery like ice


Basic configuration

Use the game scheme for a basic configuration of the game. Most game scheme settings can be changed, but the following settings are fixed:

  • Infinite attack: Always on
  • Crate frequency: Never
  • Turn time: 90 seconds
  • Sudden Death water rise: Disabled

The weapon scheme settings are ignored by TechRacer.

Script parameter

The Script Parameter Standard Format is used.

Number of rounds

Add the key “rounds” and set the value to the number of rounds you want to play. Example: “rounds=5” for 5 rounds.


To force TechRacer to always play a certain map (rather than a random one), use the key “m”. The value is a map ID. Currently (0.9.22), valid map IDs are the numbers 2 to 7. Note that the map preview is not displayed correctly when the “m” key is used.

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