Sudden Death

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Sudden Death (also shortened to “SD”) is the impending doom all hedgehogs have to face if the battle takes on for a long time. It will lead to a slow yet inevitable mass extinction of hedgehogs.

In Sudden Death, all hedgehogs will face constant damage and even a flood.

A Sudden Death without rising water or damage is also possible, it depends on the game scheme. Sudden Death can also be completely disabled.

Beginning of Sudden Death

Sudden Death starts when a fixed number of turns has passed, usually this is after a long time. It is configured in the base settings under “Sudden Death Timeout”.

Calculating the exact moment when Sudden Death starts is a bit strange. First, the number of rounds specified in Sudden Death Timeout is played, then one additional turn, and in the next turn Sudden Death starts.

For example, if Sudden Death Timeout is set to 3, Sudden Death starts after 3 rounds and one additional turn.

If Sudden Death Timeout is 0, Sudden Death starts at the second turn. Sadly, it is not possible for Sudden Death to start at the first turn.

The ticker will remind from time to time all players of the impending doom and, of course, when Sudden Death has finally arrived.


Sudden Death damage starts to apply immediately at the first turn in Sudden Death. Sudden Death damage applies at the beginning of the turn and takes away a fixed amount of health from all hedgehogs in the game, with a few exceptions. Sudden Death damage applies on top to any poison damage. Sudden Death damage can never reduce the health of a hedgehog below 1. Sudden Death damage also applies fully to frozen hedgehogs, the damage is not reduced for them.

These hedgehogs do not take Sudden Death damage for one turn:

  • Hedgehogs which were invulnerable at the end of the previous turn
  • Hedgehogs returning from a TimeBox at the start of Sudden Death do not take Sudden Death damage for this turn

Sudden Death damage is configured in the base settings under “Sudden Death Damage” (Duh!).

Healing at the end of turn

If the the game modifier “Healing at end of turn” (also known as “reset health”) is enabled, things are a bit more complicated: You have to know that the Sudden Death damage is applied first, then the hedgehogs are healed. However, the health to which the hedgehogs are healed to is no longer their initial health but it also will be reduced each turn by the Sudden Death damage. The Sudden Death damage not only reduces the health but also the health to which all hedgehogs will healed to.

For example, if a hedgehog started with 100 health, and three Sudden Death turns with a Sudden Death damage of 5 have passed, the hedgehog will be healed not to 100, but only to 85 after the third Sudden Death turn. If in the fourth turn the hedgehog receives 50 damage it then has 35 health. But when the fifth turn starts, the hedgehog is then healed to 75 health (100-5·5).


The water will rise each turn if water rise was enabled. Slowly, the entire terrain will be covered in water, giving the hedgehogs less and less land to stand on, unless there is no more land left

When Sudden Death has started, the water does not start to rise immediately, but it starts rising at the second turn while in Sudden Death.

In combination with the ocean world edge, the flood is even deadlier: The water will not only rise from below, but the water on the left and right side will also move towards the center, thereby giving the poor little hedgehogs even fewer chances to survive.

In the base settings under “Sudden Death Water Rise” you can configure how much the water rises each turn.

Background effects

In Sudden Death mode, the background music changes. Also, the background and water color usually change to a slighly more “dangerous” atmosphere. However, this only happens if Sudden Damage damage is enabled. For a Sudden Death without damage, there will be only a different background music, but no different background or water color.