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In this gameplay mode you take control over a courageous, flying hedgehog who must do battle against an endless tide of space invaders. The player who manages to score the most points (through destroying invaders and unlocking achievements) wins.


  • Movement: [Up], [Down], [Left], [Right]
  • Shoot: [Precise]
  • Toggle shield: [Long jump]
  • Turn on radar: [High jump]

It is recommended you create a special team with keybindings that have Precise, Shield and Radar all accessible with one hand for this mode.


In addition to the ability to fly, and to launch exploding barrels at any invader that dares fly too close, players are also able to activate a defensive shield around their hog. While on, the shield will completely protect their hog from all incoming projectiles. However, the shield will not protect them from crashing into enemy invaders. The defensive shield has limited power that drains over time. As such, it is best to use the shield in quick boosts to gain the maximum advantage from it. Luckily, even if the shield is depleted, destroying a purple invader will replenish a small amount of its power.


The radar shows the location of all invaders relative to your position for a few seconds. You can only use the radar two times per round and it can not be refilled.

Invader list

Currently, there are four types of invaders. The red and blue invaders are hostile, and will launch projectiles at the player. If the player flies into either of these invaders (or is hit by one of their projectiles) they will lose their ability to fly and fall to the ground for that turn.

Contrastingly, the purple and green invaders are non-hostile and can be thought of as “bonuses” that the player can either fly into to collect, or shoot from a distance.

The blue boss invader is big and rare and takes 3 hits before it finally dies.

Invader Point value Additional reward
Red Drone 10 +4 seconds of turn time
Green 3 +3 ammo
Purple 5 +30 shield
Blue Boss 30 None

Sound notifications

Space Invasion also features three sound notifications that offer an additional alert to the player of certain events should they not notice them visually. These alerts can be heard when the player depletes their shield, runs out of ammo, or is hit by an enemy invader.


Achievements offer the player another way to score points (besides the normal method of simply destroying invaders).

Achievements are divided into three categories: repeatable, round and game achievements.

Repeatable achievements

These achievements can be earned multiple times in the same round.

Name Point value Condition
Ammo Maniac 5 Destroy 3 green invaders
Drone Hunter 10 Destroy 5 red invaders
Shield Seeker 10 Destroy 3 purple invaders
Boss Hunter 25 Destroy 2 blue invaders
Shield Master 10 Block 10 projectiles with shield
Multi-shot 15 Destroy more than 1 invader with a single shot
X-Hit Combo 2 · (combo length) Destroy another invader in less than 3 seconds
Sniper 8 Shoot an invader from 1000 pixels away.
They Call Me Bullseye 15 Achieve “Sniper” three times in one round.
Point Blank Combo 5 Shoot three invaders at “point blank” range during a round.

Round achievements

These achievements can only be earned once per round.

Name Point value Condition
Shield Miser 2 + (kills·3.5) Don't use your shield at all in this round
Depleted Kamikaze 5 Fly into a blue/red invader when you are out of ammo
Timed Kamikaze 10 Fly into a blue/red invader when you have 5s (or less) time left
Kamikaze Expert 15 Combination of the above two achievements
Accuracy Bonus 15 80% accuracy or more at the end of your turn with more than 5 shots fired
Fierce Competition 8 Deal 60 or more damage to an enemy hog
Surfer 15 Bounce off the water at the bottom of the level without drowning

Game achievements

These achievements can only be earned once in the entire match:

Name Point value Condition
Boom! 25 Destroy 10 invaders throughout the match
BOOM! 50 Destroy 25 invaders throughout the match
BOOM!! BOOM!! BOOM!! 100 Destroy 50 invaders throughout the match

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