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In the Highlander mode each of your hogs will start with 1 random weapon, 1 random utility and 1 kamikaze. In this mode, if a hog dies during a turn the current hog will receive the dead hogs weapons. So in this mode one hog will rise out of the ashes of the lesser hogs bodies, and reign supreme.

Default scheme rules

  • Unlimited attacks
  • Per-hog ammo
  • No weapon or utility crates, only health crates
  • Crate drops: Every 5 turns
  • Mines: 4
  • Mine timer: 3 seconds
  • Barrels: 2
  • Turn time: 45

Everything else is left at default values.

Note that in Highlander, the Freezer is considered an utility.


Highlander can be highly configured with schemes.

Custom game settings

Highlander will allow for most settings in the game scheme to be changed without problems. Just edit the game scheme and it should work as expected.

A few settings, however, will be ignored by Highlander, Highlander always forces its own default values for these:

  • Health crate probability (always 100%)
  • Random hog order (always enabled)
  • Per-hog ammo (always enabled)
  • Unlimited attacks (always enabled)
  • Shared ammo (always disabled)

Custom weapon schemes

Weapon schemes work a bit different in Highlander and configuration does not work as you would expect.

In the weapon scheme editor, only the "Weapon set" tab is interpreted, the other tabs are ignored. The number of “bullets” for each weapon stands for the probability each hog starts off with 1 of these weapons. The infinity symbol is a special case, here all hedgehogs are guaranteed to get 1 of this, on top of the random weapon and utility.

The default weapon scheme for Highlander is called “Highlander” and has an equal probabilty for most weapons and utilities, except kamikaze, which is received by all hedgehogs.


  • Vamplander: A game of Highlander with the vampirism game modifier enabled.
  • Super hog: The most powerful hedgehog, usually with at least 4 sets of weapons.