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Mutant is style in which every hedgehog has the chance to mutate which gives you a lot of health and super weapons and the chance to score points by killing as many hogs as possible. But it comes at a price: Being the Mutant rapidly reduces your health and you have to be a quick and cruel killer to survive longer.


The first team which reaches 15 or more points wins.


There is only one hedgehog permitted per team. If you start the game with more hedgehogs, the excess hedgehogs will be automatically removed.

All hedgehogs will immediately be revived on their death and appear at a random position.

At the beginning of the game, all hogs start with basic weapons and nobody is the Mutant. As long there is no Mutant in the game, the first hog to score a kill will become the Mutant and gains 2 points.

The Mutant starts with 250-400 health, has super weapons and can gain 1 point and 20-80 health per kill but the Mutant gets poisoned and has the mutant disease. The poison is not fatal and only costs 1 health per turn. It can never reduce the Mutant's health below 1. The mutant disease however costs 17-23 health every 2 seconds while it's the Mutant's turn. The mutant disease can and will likely kill the Mutant. Warning: The mutant disease reduces the health in the entire turn, even while firing a weapon or retreating.

The Mutant's health depends on the number of teams in the game. Here's a handy overview:

Mutant's health
Teams Initial health Disease health decrease Health gain per kill
2 250 23 20
3 275 22 30
4 300 21 40
5 325 20 50
6 350 19 60
7 375 18 70
8 400 17 80

If the Mutant dies, it is revived like everyone else and loses its Mutant powers. If the Mutant was killed by another hedgehog, the attacker instantly becomes the Mutant and gains 2 points.

The hedgehog with the lowest team score will become the Bottom Feeder. It it's a tie, then the hog with the most deaths becomes the Bottom Feeder. If it's another tie, then nobody is the Bottom Feeder. Being the Bottom Feeder also allows you to score 1 point for killing hogs other than the Mutant. There can only one Bottom Feeder at most.

Everyone else can only score by killing the Mutant, other kills do not give any score.

Accidentally killing yourself in your own turn costs you one point. But you don't lose points for simply running out of health as the mutant due to the mutant disease.


Action Score
Become the mutant +2
Kill another hog while being the Mutant +1
Kill another hog while being the Bottom Feeder +1
Suicide −1



  • Watermelon bomb
  • Hellish handgrenade
  • Ballgun
  • RC plane
  • Rope

Everyone else

  • Bazooka
  • Grenade
  • Shotgun
  • Mine

Scheme settings

  • Turn time: 20 seconds
  • Reset weapons after each turn
  • Water does not rise in Sudden Death
  • Sudden Death timeout: 15
  • Sudden Death damage: 5
  • Health crate probability: 0%
  • Crate drop probability: 50% per turn
  • Mines time: 1 second
  • No dud mines
  • The crates contain Mutant weapons and mudball.