Mine (ammo)

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Ammo type
Crate type Weapon
Ends turn Yes
Shots 1
Retreat time 5 s
Charged shots No
Custom timer No
Custom bounciness Yes

With the Mine ammo you can place a single mine. Set up a booby trap or throw it directly under the feet of your enemy—the choice is yours! Mines are quite complex objects, to learn more about them refer to Mine (object).


To place a mine, simply hit the attack key and run away. Your mine will not be triggered by anything before the get-away time has passed. This is important so you do not trigger your own mine. Playing mines with a get-away time of 0% is a bit different, as you will immediately trigger your own mine and you can not run away. In this case, make sure to drop the mine from some cliff. In infinite attack mode, mines will be able to be triggered after a short fixed amount of time.

When placing mines, you can set the bounciness in advance with Precise+Timer key.

Mines placed with this weapon will never be duds, regardless of settings.

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