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Game preferences is a menu containing almost all of the options and settings available in the Hedgewars client. Accessible from the main menu, it features setting-categorized “tabs” allowing players to easily edit the look (frontend and in-game) and gameplay settings to suit their personal preferences.

The menu can also be accessed while not playing, from rooms in the multiplayer mode.


Below is a description of each tab and its settings accompanied by images.


Game Preferences add-row-delete.png

The Game tab contains the Schemes, Weapons and Teams settings, each with a row of “Add”, “Edit” and “Delete” buttons.

The above settings are all accessible in the multiplayer mode, with the exception of Teams, which requires that the player be offline in order to edit the client's teams.


The Graphics tab contains all the visual and underlying graphic options available in Hedgewars, including settings for the front-end effects and in-game experience.

There are three graphical setting sections. “Game”,“Frontend” and “Custom colors”.

  • Game contains in-game (game engine) settings.

Here you can decide whether the game engine always starts in full screen by checking or unchecking “Fullscreen” checkbox. If checked, you will be able to decide the resolution the game runs at when fullscreen.

If the “Fullscreen” checkbox is not checked, the game engine's windowed resolution can be set from the “Windowed Resolution” setting.

The “Quality” slider bar allows you to select overall in-game graphical quality between 6 options from low to high. The default setting is high.

Stereo Rendering

Stereo rendering in Hedgewars is possible by setting the “Stereo Rendering” to the option of your choice. Note that whenever using stereo rendering, you will not be able to adjust “Quality” slider bar from its default.

Leaving the FPS limit unchanged from the default value will work for most users, and should only be used if experiencing input lag (?)


The Audio tab contains the audio settings for the Hedgewars front-end theme music and in-game theme sounds and effects.

You can adjust the default in-game sound volume with the 'Initial sound volume' slider under Game Audio. Note that can raise, decrease or mute the audio in-game with the 'volume up', 'volume down' and 'mute audio' keybindings (by default with the 9,0,8 keys respectively).

  • The 'Sound' checkbox allows you to enable or disable in-game sound effects.
  • The 'Music' checkbox allows you to enable or disable in-game theme music.

Frontend audio

This setting section on the other hand only contains two simple settings that you can enable or disable:

  • The 'Sound' checkbox allows you to enable or disable frontend sound effects.
  • The 'Music' checkbox allows you to enable or disable frontend music (default Hedgewars theme).


The Controls tab contains the keys configuration menu for in-game movement, weapons, camera view control and more.

Video Recording

The Video Recording tab contains the settings of the video format and encoding used when recording in-game.

Recording in-game is initiated by pressing the "record" key (R by default).


The Network tab contains client-side multiplayer network options for accounts and for connecting to game servers with a proxy connection if desired.


The Advanced tab contains miscellaneous settings, including the client locale and file extension association settings.