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Frenzy is a style with a small set of weapons and utilities (each at infinite amount). Each turn lasts only 1 second, and the ready timer is set to 8 seconds. Retreat time is left at default.

Quick-access keys

In Frenzy, the 10 slot keys (F1-F10 by default) can be used to immediately select a weapon or utility. It is recommended to remember the 10 shortcuts. Note that some shortcut keys differ from the default ones in Frenzy.

Here are the slots:

Frenzy slot Usual slot Weapon/Utility
1 1 Bazooka
2 2 Grenade
3 3 Shotgun
4 4 Shoryuken
5 5 Mine
6 8 Teleport
7 7 Blowtorch
8 8 Flying saucer
9 2 Molotov cocktail
10 10 Low gravity

Note that opening the weapon menu already starts your turn (you lose your ready time), so the risk is high of losing your turn that way.