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Ammo type
Crate type Weapon
Ends turn Yes
Shots 1
Retreat time 0 s
Charged shots No
Custom timer No
Custom bounciness No

The freezer is a strategic weapon that lets you freeze things! Barrels, mines, crates, hedgehogs, water, land—you name it.

How to use

To us, press the attack key once to activate a seemingly infinite freezeray. The freezeray will freeze almost anything it hits (see below) but it takes a while until things become actually frozen.

The freezer has a limited amount of fuel which is constantly reduced while it is enaabled.

You can adjust the direction of the freezer while freezing which turns off the freezeray for a short moment, but the freezer is still using a small amout of fuel.

The attack ends when the freezer ran out of fuel or you stopped manually. You can stop manually by pressing the attack key again.

What can be frozen

The freezer can freeze many things. Depending on what it is freezing, there are different effects:

Frozen thing Effect
Terrain A part of the terrain is turned into slippery ice.
Water A sheet of ice (slippery land) is created on the water.
Hedgehog It has to skip a few turns, becomes heavier and takes 50% damage (→Hedgehog effects#Frozen).
Mine Its trigger mechanism will be disabled, but can be blown up by explosions.
Barrel It can take more damage before it explodes.
Crate It can not be collected by hedgehogs anymore.
Flame It becomes smaller and will be extinguished eventually.


  • In Highlander, the Freezer is considered an utility instead of a weapon.