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Basic controls

  • Confirm: Team chat (opens chat with “/team ” pre-entered)
  • Hog info: Turn team bar on/off (yeah, the key description in the gamae is misleading)
  • (more to follow)

Key combinations

For these actions you have to hold down multiple keys simutanously.

  • Precise+Walk left: Look left (without moving)
  • Precise+Walk right: Look right (without moving)
  • Precise+Timer 1: Minimum bounciness
  • Precise+Timer 2: Low bounciness
  • Precise+Timer 3: Normal bounciness
  • Precise+Timer 4: High bounciness
  • Precise+Timer 5: Maximum bounciness
  • Precise+Hog info: Toggle tags above hogs
  • Precise+Hog info+Switch hog: Toggle entire HUD on/off
  • Hold Precise: Your hog won’t slip away on slippery ground (important for Snow and Christmas themes)
  • Precise + Switch hog: Switch through hedgehogs in reverse order
  • Precise + Screenshot: “Map dump”. Save entire map as image map and as mask into the screenshot folder, the names will be “mapdump_<date>_land.png” (mask) and “mapdump_<date>_landpixels.png” (image map).

See the Flying Saucer page for the controls of the flying saucer.