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Inside engine chat there are few interesting tricks. If you enter some special texts into the chat, you can perform some special actions. There are chat commands for the game itself and for the chat in the lobby / a room.

Inside the game


First, here are some important keybindings for the chat itself:

Binding Default key Effect
Chat T Send a chat message to all players in room
Confirm Y Send a chat message to clan members only
History ` Toggle showing more chat messages


These are a separate set of commands to conveniently torment your opponent after a successful hit:

Chat command Description Image
/hurrah Stupid grin
/ilovelotsoflemonade Peeing
/juggle Juggling
/rollup Rolling up
/sad Sad face
/shrug Shrug
/wave Waving hand

Speech bubbles

You can make hedgehogs say what you want! If you enclose you message with the following symbols, you'll get a nice cartoon bubble effect. Try it out for maximum hilarity!

Chat command syntax Bubble type
"Example" Speech bubble
'Example' Thinking bubble
-Example- Shouting bubble

More chat commands

Once you've got your chat prompt, you use a complete set of commands that interact with the game or with the gameplay. You can also use up and down arrows to navigate through the last messages you sent. The text written in greater and smaller than signs are placeholders which you need to replace by the actual value instead.

Chat command syntax Effect
/me <text> Shows “<Your name> <text>” in chat, e.g. “/me is laughing” → “Peter is laughing.”
/team <text> Shows <text> to member in the same clan only
/msg <player> <text> Send <text> to <player> only
/hsa <text> Let your hog say <text> (speech bubble) on its next attack
/hya <text> Let your hog scream <text> (shouting bubble) on its next attack
/hta <text> Let your hog think <text> (thinking bubble) on its next attack
/fullscreen Switch between fullscreen/windowed mode
/history Show whole chat history. Enter again to disable it
/pause Pause/unpause the game
/finish Resign from current game (give up)
/quit Close Hedgewars altogether
/lua Turn the chat input field into a Lua console, enter it again to turn it off (not available in online games)

Lobby and room

This is an incomplete list of chat commands available in the lobby and in a room. Note: Most room commands work in the preparation phase and in-game.

Chat command syntax Effect Usable in … Usable by …
/watch <replay ID> Watch a replay of a recorded game on the official server. You can find a list of replay IDs on [1]. You can only watch replays of the same Hedgewars version, other versions probably won't work. Lobby and room Everyone
/me <text> Shows “<Your name> <text>” in chat, i.e. “/me is laughing” → “Peter is laughing.” Lobby and room Everyone
/rnd Flips a virtual coin. The server will write either “tails” or “heads” into the chatlog. Lobby and room Everyone
/rnd <value 1> [<value 2> [<value 2> [<value 3> [(…)]]] Makes the server choose a random value (i.e. word) from the specified list of values and writes it into the chatlog. Lobby and room Everyone
/info <player name> Shows some information about the specified player. Works only if the player is currently online Lobby and room Everyone
/greeting <text> Sets the greeting text of a room; players entering the room will receive <text> automatically Room Room host
/delegate <player name> Surrender control over your room and give it to another player Room Room host
/maxteams <teams> Sets the maximum number of teams in the room to <teams>. The number must be between 2 and 8. Room Room host
/global <message> Sends a global chat message which will be visible in the lobby and all rooms (including games in progess) Lobby and room Server operator
/stats Writes some server stats into the chatlog (only visible to you) Lobby Server operator


A simple voting mechanism is available in all rooms. Everyone can use the command /callvote <vote type> which will start a new vote and automatically gives your “yes” to your own vote. Other players can then use /vote yes or /vote no to accept or reject a vote. A vote succeeds if more than 50% of all players in the room gave their “yes”, in which case the action is immediately performed.

Command overview:

Chat command syntax Effect
/callvote hedgehogs <number> Start a vote to set the number of hedgehogs in all teams to <number>. You can choose between 1 and 8 hedgehogs
/callvote pause Start a vote to pause or unpause the game. Only works for games in progress, of course
/callvote newseed Start a vote to choose a new random seed for the next game. This will change random maps, spawning positions and other random things
/callvote map <map name> Start a vote to select the specified map. This feature is only available in designated rooms, the server operator must first manually add some maps for voting
/vote yes Vote “yes” for the ongoing vote
/vote no Vote “no” for the ongoing vote
/callvote Doesn't start a vote, just returns a list of available vote types
/callvote map Doesn't start a vote, just returns a list of maps you can vote for. If you only see “[server]: callvote map: ”, that means there are not any maps available for voting