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WxW (or “Wall to wall”) is a Shoppa-themed style which is supposed to extend Shoppa games with some additional rules and tweaks.

Basic gameplay

Like in Shoppa, the player starts infinite ropes but nothing else. In each turn a crate with a random weapon appears. Unlike Shoppa, however, weapons are not reset at the end of the turn, so they can be stockpiled.

However, some special rules (see below) require the player to complete some tasks before the crate spawns, so make sure to read the rules at the start of the game.

Most notably, WxW allows to add the “Walls Before Crate” rule, which requires the player to touch a certain amount of walls before the next ammo crate appears. The walls you still need to touch will be animated. For most maps, the player must touch the left and the right map border, but for a few maps, the required walls might differ (see #Maps).

The following game modifiers are active:

  • Random team order
  • Border
  • Indestructible terrain

All other game modifiers are disabled.

Setup phase

Before the game starts, a randomly chosen player must choose the WxW rules for this match.

Use [Up] and [Down] to navigate between menu items, press [Attack] to toggle a menu item and hit [Long jump] to accept the configuration, which starts the game.


You can choose between the following rules:

  • Walls required: You must touch this many walls before the crate appears. This can also be set to 0.
  • Surf Before Crate: You must first “surf” (bounce off the water) one time before the crate appears.
  • Attack From Rope: You can only attack from a rope. Weapons which can't be fired from the rope are removed from the game.
  • Super Weapons: Powerful weapons are available (Watermelon bomb, hellish hand grenade, ballgun and RC plane)

Additional configuration

Using the game schemes, WxW can additionally configured a bit, everything in the “basic settings” section can be changed. But all alternations to the game modifiers are discarded.

Custom weapon schemes are ignored altogether.


WxW has basic support for many Shoppa maps; they are too many to list them here. For most maps, WxW will use 2 walls: The left and right map border. This will work for most maps, but it will fail if the border can't be reached due to the map design.

WxW provides an unique wall set, different from the traditional left/right borders, for each of the following maps:

  • Ropes (4 walls)
  • ShoppaKing (2 walls)
  • ShoppaHell (2 walls)
  • ShoppaNeon (6 walls)


The walls you still must touch emit particles in your team color.

Small circles around the current hedgehog show the direction of all crates. The circles are always in the hedgehog's team color.


The “WxW” is short for “Wall to wall”. The “x” in the name stands for the variable number of walls you must touch.