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This is a list of information bits about some minor things and rules which are not obvious in Hedgewars. This page does not contain tips or strategic advice.



  • You can knock hedgehogs (esp. on slopes) by jumping out from under them
  • Use the Find hog key instead of walking to find a hog without the risk of accidentally walking off a cliff


  • At the beginning of a normal game, a list of important game settings is shown, including mine timers (unless everything important is left at default values). You can review this list by pressing Esc in-game
  • If mine timers are not mentioned in the quick game info, it is 3 seconds in a normal game (see also: Basic settings)


  • The cake can walk underwater
  • The cleaver deals more damage the faster it is moving
  • You can drop the cake off cliffs if you stand very close to it
  • The homing bee can fly underwater
  • Dud mines can take damage (even fall damage) and explode if they take too much abuse
  • Seduction thaws frozen hogs
  • You're not allowed to move while the sniper rifle is activaed, but you are allowed to turn around between shots
  • You won't collide with projectiles while you are in mid-air (i.e. jumping)
  • You can whip through walls
  • Hog momentum is preserved when you use a teleportation


  • On flying saucer, you can launch projectiles to your crosshair by holding Precise and pressing Long jump
  • You can change your aim in flying saucer with Precise and Up/Down
  • If you start the flying saucer, you float until you move
  • Press Attack twice to change your flying saucer in mid-flight (you still need to have a new flying saucer, of course)
  • If you launch a projectile from the water while in the flying saucer (with Precise + Attack keys), you get four times the usual retreat time
  • Portals from the portable portal device can be fired through drill rocket and Desert Eagle holes.


  • Barrels start with 60 health
  • Fire that lasts more than 1 turn will go out based on time, not on turns