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Hedgewars has a couple of easter eggs (hidden features which are not really meant serious). This page will list all known easter eggs in Hedgewars.

The information in this page is accurate (but not neccessarily complete) for version 1.0.0

Special dates

When Hedgewars is started on a certain day (according to system time), some visuals may be changed.

  • April 1: All hedgehogs will look like tomatoes (Hat: fr_tomato) and a tomato juice effect is shown when they are hurt.
  • April 20: All hogs which normally have no hat will wear the eastertop hat (broken easter egg).
  • October 31: Main menu is Halloween-themed and hogs which normally have no hat will wear the fr_pumpkin hat.
  • December 24 - December 26: Main menu is Christmas-themed and hogs which normally have no hat will wear the Santa hat.

Background info on the dates

The April 1 easter egg refers to an April Fools joke from 2014. See [1].

31th October is not only Halloween, but also Hedgewars' “birthday”. Hedgewars has been started on 31th October 2004.

Unicorn attack

If you hold down the Precise and Switch hog keys while using kamikaze, the hedgehog will turn into an awesome rainbow unicorn.

Hidden achievements

A couple of so-called achievements (simple awards) are awarded for several special tasks in missions:

  • Prestigious Pilot: Finish the RC Plane Challenge with only 1 RC plane used (very difficult but possible)
  • Naughty Ninja: Kill Instructor in Dangerous Ducklings (demo)
  • Energetic Engineer: Finish Bamboo Thicket in less than 6 turns without using any bazookas (demo)
  • Lively Lifeguard: Rescue all 8 hedgehogs in That Sinking Feeling

Note that Hedgewars does not really have a proper achivements system yet. The achievements are only shown as a text message in the ticker or in the stats screen.